Vestmannaeyjar municipality

Vestmannaeyjar municipality is located 9 km off the south coast of Iceland on the island Heimaey which belongs to an island chain called Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar.

The population of Vestmannaeyjar is about 4,300 people and over 400 of them are of foreign nationality, and more than a half of the foreigners are from Poland. In 2019 Vestmannaeyjar municipality is celebrating its 100 year anniversary. In 1973 there was an eruption from a new volcano, named Eldfell. The entire population was evacuated from the island, many houses were destroyed by lava and ash fall, and Heimaey changed forever. Vestmannaeyjar history of the eruption is very emotional, interesting and specific.

The Town Council and the Mayor

The town council of Vestmannaeyjar is democratically elected every four years. The town council is responsible for the management of the municipality of Vestmannaeyjar. The council appoints the executive council which, together with the mayor, is responsible for the finance and management of the town. The town council also appoints representatives to the town's committees.

The Mayor is the town´s managing director and is hired by the town council. The Mayor is responsible for implementing the council´s decisions, together with the executive board and for the town's executive, administrative and financial management

The Mayor of Vestmannaeyjar is Iris Robertsdottir

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Telephone no: +354 488 2000