Recreation in Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjabær municipality offers recreational grant for children age 2-18, more information about it in "Forms" folder

In the city we have both a cinema and a theater. In addition, we have:

ÍBV sports club - handball and football 5 years +

Rán gymnastics club 4-16 years old

Swimming club Sundfélag ÍBV 6-16 years old

Golf club Golfklúbbur Vestmannaeyja 6-12 years old

Karate club Karatefélag Vestmannaeyja 6-18 years old

Scouts club Skátafélagið Faxi 6 - 15 years old

Rescuers Björgunarfélag Vestmannaeyja 14 years +

Theater group Leikfélag Vestmannaeyja 10 years +

Music school Tónlistarskólinn 6 years +

The church youth club Æskulýðsstarf kirkjunnar 6-18 years old

Youth center Félagsmiðstöðin Rauðagerði 12-18 years old