Public transport

Herjólfur and Ernir flight

Ferry: One can get to Vestmannaeyjar by ferry Herjólfur from the port Landeyjarhöfn (in summer dependent on good weather and waves) which takes 35 minutes or Þorlákshöfn (in winter and worse weather conditions and waves) which takes 3 hours. On the Facebook page Vestmannaeyjaferjan Herjólfur - Westman Island ferry, as well as on you can find information about weather conditions and the ferry‘s schedule. For residents on the island there is a 50% discount on ferry tickets, the same price applies to both harbours. 2 cruises a day are permanent, which means that if one has tickets to the Landeyjarhöfn port for a permanent cruise and the weather is bad and the ferry goes to Þorlákshöfn, person automatically transfer to that cruise to Þorlákshöfn, but if you have tickets to the Landeyjarhöfn port for a different cruise than a permanent one it is when the ferry goes to Þorlákshöfn you have to call and change your tickets and you are not sure about the place for your car if you are traveling. These permanent cruises are called öruggarferðir. On the ferry it is possible to rent a cabin that is equipped with a toilet and beds.

Tickets for the ferry can be purchased at or at the port.

Flight: Air Iceland Connect will be flying from and to Vestmannaeyjar from April 2020