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20 min. 40 m 1.4 km   Boots Fjolskylda1

The walk to Skansinn starts in the city centre at the store Eymundsson and runs from there to the east along Strandvegur. When you reach the top of the hill, you will find staircase that leads down to the Skansinn. The way back to the city centre leads up Skansvegur road and from there across the new lava towards the town. Only a 20-metre elevation is on the way, the walk itself is not difficult and therefore ideal for families or those who do not have much experience in mountaineering.

Skansinn‘s real name is Kornhólsskans because it is close to Kornhóll.

The fortress at Skansinn was built in 1586 at the request of the Danish king in order to defend the king's trade from proceedings  from the English kingdom. After the 1627 Turkish abduction, they rebuilt the Skansinn‘s, islanders deemed it necessary to defend against further invasions.

In Skansinn you can see a cannon from 1586, which, among other things, was used in the exercises of the Westman islands battalion created after the Turkish abduction. Skansinn also includes a stave church, a replica of the first church in the Westman islands built during the christening of Icelanders in 1000. However, the remains of that church have never been found, but they probably became a pray of the sea. The church now standing was built on the occasion of the 1,000th anniversary of Iceland's christening in 2000, and it was a gift from Norway.

Landlyst where the first maternity home in Iceland was housed was also rebuilt in Skansin. Landlyst was originally in the city centre, but was rebuilt in Skansinn in 2000. The house now houses a medical museum.

In Skansinn, you can read about Westman islands water and electricity history as well as the history of the sea supply. The 1931 maritime tank, for example, is half out of the lava that came with the eruption from 1973.

Opposite the Skansinn is a valley called Hraunskógur. In everyday speech, he is often referred to as Death Valley because it accumulated toxic gas from the eruption that was fatal to inhale. It's safe to go to the valley now, and it's perfect for a picnic.

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