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Fjall4 A - B
30 min. 125 m 1.4 km   Boots  Lundiklar Fjolskylda1

The walk starts in the car park by Sæfell. From there you can walk either directly up to Sæfell from the car park or stop in Lyngfellisdalur and from there walk up to Sæfell.


The name of the mountain is almost always written Sæfell but the name Sæfjall exists in older sources and therefore probably the original. Large puffins can be found in Sæfell and on the surrounding slopes, and puffin hunting has long been common there.

Sæfell stands south of Helgafell and north of Kervíkurfjall and together forms the western edge of Stakkabót. North of Sæfell is the airport.

South of Sæfell is Ræningjatangi where the pirates in Tyrkjaránið came ashore. From Sæfell you can see Lyngfellisdalur, where they set up shop.

The hike is ideal for families or those who do not have much experience of mountain hiking. However, beware that rocks and steep slopes can be slippery in wet weather.

You are at your own risk.


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