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Ræningjatangi - Lyngfellisdalur - Sæfell

Fjall4 Hringleid
2 hrs. 300 m 5.5 km   Boots Boots Lundiklar Fjolskylda1

The walk begins in a parking lot at Brimurð than leads to Ræningjatangi and from there along a footpath along the eastern edge of the island. Brimurðarloft is followed until you reach a canyon on the hillside and walk up the hill. Once you are up the hillside, you head over to Litlhöfði. From there it leads along the east side of Lyngfells Valley and up to Sæfell. The road down leads along a footpath down Sæfell, along a hillside west of Lyngfells Valley and back towards Brimurð. 

Ræningjatangi stands south east of Brimurð, pulling its name from pirates who walked ashore there in the 1627 Turkish abduction. They did not think it would be advisable to come to shore at the harbour where manned cannons stood at Skansinn.

The pirates set up their camp in Lyngfells Valley and stayed there for three days. A robber's lawn in Lyngfells Valley was then used for football and handball practices before moving to a new training ground.

At the top of Sæfell you have a good view over the entire island and also over rocks and cliffs separating land and sea.

You are at your own risk.


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