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Nýja hraun

Fjall4 A - B
45 min. 200 m 1.7 km   Boots Fjolskylda1

The walking route starts at the stairs at the intersection of Kirkjuvegur and Miðstræti. From there, the path follows a marked footpath in the lava that runs down to Skans . From Skansinn, follow another path in the lava towards Eldheimar where the route ends, but it is possible to follow directions there. There are many ways to get around Nýjahraun, but it is important to stay within steps to avoid intrusion.

Nýjahraun was created in the eruption on Heimaey in 1973 when 417 of the town's 1350 houses went under lava and another 400 were damaged to some extent. On the way through the lava there are monuments to houses that went under the lava, as well as information boards to educate about the eruption during the walk. There are also benches where you can sit and admire the view of the town and the lava.

If hikers want to go a longer distance, it is ideal to take the hiking trail through Nýja hraun and from there up to Eldfell.

You are at your own risk.


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