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Heimaey hringur

Fjall4 Hringleid
4-6 hrs. 500 m  20 km    Boots Boots  Lundiklar

This hiking trail is the same as people run in the so called "Puffin-run". Vestmannaeyjar contains the largest puffin population in the world and on this route is well connected to the great puffin where part of the route is along a puffin settlement.

The hiking trail starts at Skansinn and goes to the west through the town and runs along the harbour area and down below the Peace Harbour Shelter. Next you walk up to Skiphellar, past the Sprangan, to the south of Hlíðarbrekka and into Hlíðarvegur.

Walk into Herjólfsdalur and circle around the Pond. From there you can walk to Mormon Puddle and to the south with the hammer, continue to Breiðabakki, and from there walk down to Klauf. Walk from Klauf up the road to Stórhöfði and turn west to the footpath leading to the puffin viewing house. Walk along and in the puffin settlement west and south of Stórhöfði. From Kaplapitti you walk up to the house and onto the road. Next, the route leads down Stórhöfði over Eyði between Klauf and Brimurð.

Turn into Kinn and walk along Sæfell completely out of the road and then turn east and go along the runway and beyond the runway end to the east. From there down with the edge and with it until you enter the path. Walk on the trail to Eldfell and pass Páskahellir.

Walk along Eldfell to the east almost to the cross into Eldfellsgýgur. Then walk down on the new lava to the viewing platform at Viðlagafjöru, with views of the small islands, Bjarnarey, Elliðaey and the glacier Eyjafjallajökull. From there you go on to the north and take a rocky path along the Gjábakkafjöru, which ends up on a viewing platform opposite Klettshellir. From there walk down to Skansfjöru past the stave church and Landlyst, where the ring is closed.

This hiking trail is challenging and it is recommended to take a map of the route with you.

You are at your own risk.


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