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Ofanleitishamar / Hamarinn

Fjall4 A - B
1,5 hr. 15 m 3.5 km   Boots  Lundiklar Fjolskylda1

Ofanleitishamar or the hammer as it is usually called runs along the west coast of Heimaeyjar, from Kaplagjóta in the north down to Klauf in the south, along Torfmýri, Ofanleiti and Breiðabakki where Þjóðhátíð was held in 1973 and 1974. The hammer is about 60 meters high, makes an 90 ° corner with the sea and it is widely considered impossible to climb.

The hiking trail is a staked hiking trail in lava and grassy fields, and hikers are encouraged to stay on a marked path, not to go too close to the hammers edge.

The hammer is a pleasant hiking trail along the entire west coast of Heimaey with beautiful views to the smaller islands like Álseyjar, Suðureyjar, Brands, Helliseyjar og Surtseyjar.

The hiking trail is pretty long, but there's little elevation along the way. Please note that this route is not a circle and you must walk 2.2 miles back to return to the starting point.

You are at your own risk.



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