Gönguleiðir á íslensku


7 tinda gangan

 Fjall4  A - B
 3-5 hrs.  1150 m 17 km    Boots Boots Boots Boots   Lundiklar




The 7 peak walk is, as the name implies, a walk on 7 peaks in the Westman Islands. The start is at Klaufin, first you go around Stórhöfði, the second peak is Sæfell, the third Helgafell, the fourth Eldfell, the fifth Heimaklettur, the sixth Há and the seventh is Dalfjall, you then end in Herjólfsdalur.

The 7 peaks walk is also done annually in a large group in June / July and it is one of the most popular walking and running events in the Westman Islands along with The Puffin Run and the Westman Islands Run.

This hike is only recommended for experienced hikers who know the mountains well as it is dangerous in parts and requires a lot of effort.

You are at your own responsibility.


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