Primary school

Primary school: Grunnskóli Vestmannaeyja primary school is divided into two facilities, Hamarsskóli is for grades 1-4 and Barnaskóli (building near the church) is for students in grades 5-10. The school's web site is and there is information about employees, various events, about the school calendar and holidays, as well as many other information. You can contact GRV by phone (+354) 4882200 or (+354) 4882300.

School Supplies: Most classes are organized so that all school equipment is provided for a small fee, which is paid at the beginning of the school year, all textbooks and notebooks are also included in this amount. We will get more information about students' equipment on the first day of school or at the beginning of the school year.

The school teaches a lot of different subjects, including Icelandic, English, Danish, dance, sociology, woodworking, metals, sewing, painting, cooking etc.

School trips take place on the 7th and 10th grade. Students usually collect money for them through the sale of various things.

The school offers oat meal for breakfast 20 minutes before the start of classes, fruits as a second breakfast, milk with the lunch and lunch at noon. Oatmeal is free, requests for lunch, milk and fruits can be found here: and