High School/ Upper middle school

High School: After completing primary school, most students continue their studies in Framhaldsskólinn í Vestmannaeyjum. There are many lines to choose from, more about high school can be found here https://www.fiv.is/. In high school, we divide the year into two semesters, 5 months long. You can contact FÍV by phone (+354) 4881070.

In high school, we include each subject separately on each level, and for this we collect credits or einingar (for example, Icelandic on level 1 is 5 einingar, English on level 2 is 5 einingar, etc.), we need 200 einingar to graduate. Some of the subjects are obligatory, and some can be chosen by students. Price for semester is usually about 20.000 ÍSK.