26.mars 2020 - 21:45

Announcement from the crisis authorities 26.03.2020

4 additional people have been diagnosed with the virus and confirmed infections are already 51 in Vestmannaeyjar. Of these 4 new people, 3 were already quarantined when the infection was detected. It is most beneficial for everyone that as many people as possible are already in quarantine at the time of a positive diagnosis, because of course a few people or none is exposed to infection. Infection tracking has been completed for all known infected. The number of people quarantined in Vestmannaeyjar is 577 and 19 people have already quarantined.
Infected people are to remain isolated and can not leave their homes, the only exceptions are necessary medical attention, after contacting the doctor. The reason for this is the risk of infection contact or drip. Let's follow the recommendations and take care of each other.
Crisis Authorities
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