23.mars 2020 - 16:01

Announcement about school arrangement.

School classes at the primary school in Vestmannaeyjar will take place online from Monday, March 23, until further notice. This is an element of efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, because it is impossible to organize teaching with the bans imposed in Vestmannaeyjar. Online lessons will take place for each class at the same time as the lessons last week. Teachers will send accurate information about what the lesson will look like, so it's important to follow the information that will be sent from them.


Lessons will be held in Hamarsskóli for students in 1st and 2nd grade who have parents / guardians on the front line and are in the priority group according to the priority list of the state of emergency civil protection. These students come to school at the same time as in the last days, 1st grade at. 9:00 and 2nd grade at 8:30. Results for short-term quarantine in grades 1-4 are expected tonight.


Frístund will be open only to students from the priority group. Work at Hamarsskóli will take place in the same organization as last week.


Kindergartens will be arranged in the same system as last week.


Lessons at the music school will be held online as far as possible. Teachers will contact their students.


Those parents / guardians who need a longer time at school and / or after-school are asked to contact the school management.


It is worth mentioning that all priority applications must be submitted via island.is


Íris Róbertsdóttir mayor

Anna Rós Hallgrímsdóttir headmaster of the primary school

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